MANOI AT01 Demonstration At The PlaModel RadiCon Show (Video)

As Okamoto-san promised, Kyosho was putting on special MANOI AT01 robot demonstrations at the All Japan Plastic Model and Radio Control show here in Chiba (see video below) over the weekend. Shiroma-san had about 4 different AT01s doing exercises and running sprints.

Of course, the sprints were of major interest to us personally with the AKIBA Robot festival events coming up in less than two weeks. Creating good walking motions can sometimes be a challenge. Running ups the ante by quite a bit.

In addition to the frequently scheduled demonstrations, Okamoto-san also spent a lot of time showing the best techniques for cutting and trimming the polycarbonate body shells. And, as a limited, show-only special, 10 sets of the trimmed shells were put of for sale each day at a heavily discounted price. (Yes, we did manage to snag a set for our robot.)


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