Kondo Planning To Release New KHR-2HV Body Shells

Kondo has a really slick set of body shells (armor?) in the works for the KHR-2HV. Although it wasn't part of their official display at the 2006 All Japan Plastic Model Radio Control Show in Chiba this week, we were able to get a quick private showing.


We really like the overall design, especially the two LED eyes that add a lot of character and personality. Relatively speaking, the head is a little too small proportionally in the same way that the MANOI AT01's head is a little too large for its body. The exact release date and pricing hasn't been set yet, at least as of this morning.

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  1. HarryBotter

    Got to admit I like the Manoi dressup a lot better. This version looks way too much like a Robosapian at a Halloween party.

  2. Look closely at the front body shell. Is it just me or does it look like the face of the mechanical cat in either Tom and Jerry or a Looney Tunes cartoon. I’m not sure which. It was many, many years ago.

  3. I also disagree regarding the Manoi head size, I think its more in keeping with the whole manga thing which the designer is obviously influenced by. As for these ‘shells’ and the kondo in general, the feet look really stupidly large, and it makes me think that they can’t make it stand up if they are any smaller. Overallthe design is OK if a bit dated, but easiliy comes in above robosapien.

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