Kondo Announces The "1st Kondo Cup Robot Soccer Competition"

Yesterday afternoon Kondo officially announced the schedule and details of the "1st Kondo Cup Robot Soccer Competition" to be held Sunday, November 5th, in the Akihabara UDX building just a couple of minutes walk from the station. The competition, staged as a part of the three day AKIBA ROBOT Celebration, is expected to draw large numbers of entries and spectators, plus attention from all the major Japanese media.

The matches, based loosely on soccer but with only three robots on each opposing team, are open to both team and individual applications. There are two classifications - one for Kondo robots (KHR-1 and KHR-2HV based) and a second 'Open' classification for other robots that utilize Kondo servos. We're checking on the specific regulations, but if a MANOI AT01 qualifies for the Open classification as we think it should, Mondai-noid will definitely suit up and take the field. Everything 'kicks' off at 10:00 am Sunday morning. If you can make it, please feel free to come up and say hello. We think it will be easy for you to find us, even in the crowd.

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