Invasion Of The Robot Dalek Pumpkins (Video)

With Halloween just a few days away, what better way to spend your free time than to create some robotic pumpkins? And, if you happen to be a devoted fan of the Dr. Who television series (who isn't?), then making a robotic Dalek pumpkin might just be the perfect project to inspire you.

Thankfully, the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have already gone to the trouble of documenting a 'how-to' complete with some great photos and build comments. They've even posted a video (see below) and include links to other creative Dalek sites and sounds.

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  1. Wow, I have to say, that is quite impressive. Dr. Who is amazing, so you really cant go wrong here.

  2. That thing is great! Does it make sounds? The video was mute.

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