Can Robbie Come Out And Play?

Howard over at Surveyor Robotics loves a good challenge. First, he designed and built a great, yet affordable, mobile robotics platform to facilitate lots of experimentation and research. Then he added the hooks so that SRV-1 users could develop vision and swarming capability. Still not satisfied, now he wants to take on an even bigger challenge.

He wants to create a new RoboCup sub-league so that the SRV-1, and other similar robots, can actually have a go at some competitive robot soccer! It turns out that the current generation of RoboCup Small Size League robots depend on overhead "global vision" camera systems. Of course, Howard's idea is that robot players in the proposed sub-league should operate using on-board vision and autonomous control.

If you're interested, have any suggestions, want to help formulate some of the rules, or just want to see what Howard and his robotic wizards are up to, then head on over to the Surveyor Robotics website.


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