All Japan Robot Sumo-Kanto Regional Finals-Favorite Picks (Part 3)

In our earlier coverage of the All Japan Robot Sumo Kanto Regional Finals, we focused first on some of the interesting autonomous robots, and then on the RC class robots, to give you a general feel for the competition, energy, and excitement.

We saved what we feel were some of the best matches for last. The selection is totally our own, and is totally subjective. You'll find a real mixture of autonomous and RC class robots among our picks. In some cases we were fascinated by the technology (we are still nerds at heart), and in other cases it was the strategy or action that caught our attention.

We will give you a couple of hints before you watch the video below. First, "It ain't over till it's over." Second, make sure you're still awake and paying attention when the video gets to the 4:07 mark. You'll be glad you did.

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