The Hard Life Of A Robot Tech

We have been feeling very sorry for poor Shiroma-san, our primary technical support contact for the MANOI AT01. He must, we thought, have a really tough, demanding job. With the new robot scheduled to hit the store shelves later this week, we figured he must be totally overwhelmed with last minute details, and responding to help requests from demanding people (like us) that are participating in the pre-release monitor program.

Then, thanks to ASCII magazine, we discovered that he has actually been having a great time hanging out with beautiful Japanese 'talent' of the opposite sex, while showing off his robot skills and know-how.

ASCII, published weekly here in Japan, focuses on the technical aspects of computers, software, and related technology. If you're into PCs, bits and bytes, and just can't possibly get enough of it, then ASCII is required reading - assuming that you can read Japanese.

In last week's issue they ran a multi-page introductory article covering the MANOI AT01 with Shiroma and the lovely lady.featured prominently. In this week's issue the two of them tackle the actual assembly and programming of the robot.



Nice work, if you can get it. If this is what tech support is all about, then where do we sign up?

The same issue has a couple of other robot articles, indicating how popular the whole humanoid robot trend has become in Japan. First there is a brief article on the new MI-RAI-RT biped "Robot + Communication" robot.


And, further towards the back of the magazine there's an interesting article on the Kondo KHR-2HV:



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