RoboReptile Captured On Camera (Video)

Ever since we first heard that Mark Tilden, the head of the WowWee Robotics group and creator of the best selling Robosapien robot, planned to introduce a new robotic reptile we couldn't wait to get our hands on one. According to some of the early news reports Tilden's RoboReptile creation is a major departure from his earlier friendly robot creations known for their ability to dance, burp, make semi-crude remarks, and even fart on command. This time around we were lead to believe that Tilden was going to set loose an aggressive, relentless, attacking demon that might scare some people, or even trigger some nightmares.

Thanks to the generosity of Robert Roschler, publisher of the Robots Rule website and forums, we didn't have to wait until the new robot hit the shelves here in Japan. Robert has created an excellent 3+ minute video review of the RoboReptile and has given us permission to share it with all our readers.

If you're interested in more detailed information on the RoboReptile, or any of the WowWee robots, the best place to start is Robert's Robots Rule website.


2 thoughts on “RoboReptile Captured On Camera (Video)

  1. I really enjoyed the video of Mr. Happy. He is so agressive that I was almost backing away from my computer screen. He even sounds scarry. I can hardly wait to see him interact with household pets. Thanks for posting this informative video.

  2. LOL he is so cool i like the video it funny! i wanna get one! please send me the new videos when they are made plz plz plz!!! i wanna see them ur gonna be great!

    bye for now

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