ROBO-ONE J: A Labor of Love (Video)

It's not that unusual to see a robot fan devote a huge amount of time, effort, and of course - money to their hobby. Many of us do it, to one extent or another. But sometimes you run across a situation that is so totally over-the-top that the only way to explain it is to classify what they are doing as "a labor of love." It goes beyond reason and logic, way beyond, as you can see from the videoclip below...

We should explain that Bandai is one of the founding sponsors of the ROBO-ONE competitions here in Japan.

According to the official ROBO-ONE rules and regulations, competitors are not allowed to enter robots based on well known characters from manga and anime. There are, however, a few exceptions since Bandai and a few related companies have authorized the use of some of their popular characters for use in the competition.

And, since a lot of the ROBO-ONE competitors grew up role playing that they were Majingaa or Gundam, quite a few of the robots end up taking after Gundam in one way or another.

Here's a great example from the recent ROBO-ONE J 7 competition held in Kawasaki about a month ago. It's also easy to see how this isn't just a game or a casual sport - it's truly a "labor of love."


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