ROBO-ONE Action From RoboGames 2006 (Video)

Thanks to Matt Bauer, the creator of Rook's Pawn, we're able to share the 4 minute video clip below that includes some of the ROBO-ONE matches that took place at RoboGames 2006 in San Francisco recently. Not only did Matt produce and edit the video, he has also added an insightful and humorous running commentary. It gives a real feel for what it must have been like to be there as a competitor, as Matt was.

Regular Robots Dreams readers are probably already aware that Matt has completely redesigned and rebuilt Rook's Pawn over the past couple of months. The original robot was a Robonova-1 kit purchased by Matt at the beginning of the year. By late Spring it had evolved into the Generation 1 configuration you see in the video, complete with custom grippers, a head mount camera, and several additional degrees of freedom.

Then, based in large part on what Matt learned by competing at RoboGames, he completely disassembled, redesigned, and rebuilt Rook's Pawn - Generation 2. We'll have the opportunity to capture and share some photos and video clips of Matt's latest creation in action soon. He and his team are scheduled to arrive at Narita airport, just outside of Tokyo next Wednesday afternoon.

After a whirlwind tour of Tokyo, Akihabara, Tsukumo Robot Kingdom, RT & Nakagawa-san, and other must-see robot spots, they will take the bullet train and then a local train up to Nagai to compete in ROBO-ONE 10 against the top humanoid robots in the world.

We won't say that it's the 'chance of a lifetime' because we're sure that Matt and his team will have a lot more opportunities to compete in events like this both in Japan and the U.S. Still, it is extremely impressive, exciting, and will create some fantastic memories no matter how it turns out.

You may want to bookmark this particular video, then come back to it for comparison sake in about a week after we post the videos from ROBO-ONE 10.

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