ROBO-ONE 10: The Day After

Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

A lot of folks rushed off as soon as the competition wrapped up late Sunday afternoon, but because that Monday was a holiday here in Japan, we decided to relax, enjoy the country side, and head back for home in Chiba in the morning.

It turned out to be a great decision because by coincidence we ended up on the same train with Nakamura-san (creator of WR-07 the transformer robot and Garuda - the orange robot above), Maeda-san (OmniZero.3) and several other folks from ROBO-ONE.

We had almost an hour wait for the Shinkansen (bullet train) at Akayu station but we weren't bored at all. Nakamura-san started chatting with a young boy and his family while we were waiting, and then pulled Garuda out of his magic tool box and entertained everyone.

Here's the photo set from ROBO-ONE 10 - The Day After.


2 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE 10: The Day After

  1. Hmmm very odd from others somewhat. Any other info on this Garadu? I noticed a small surface area for the feet and more servos

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