ROBO-ONE 10: The Day After

Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

A lot of folks rushed off as soon as the competition wrapped up late Sunday afternoon, but because that Monday was a holiday here in Japan, we decided to relax, enjoy the country side, and head back for home in Chiba in the morning.

It turned out to be a great decision because by coincidence we ended up on the same train with Nakamura-san (creator of WR-07 the transformer robot and Garuda - the orange robot above), Maeda-san (OmniZero.3) and several other folks from ROBO-ONE.

We had almost an hour wait for the Shinkansen (bullet train) at Akayu station but we weren't bored at all. Nakamura-san started chatting with a young boy and his family while we were waiting, and then pulled Garuda out of his magic tool box and entertained everyone.

Here's the photo set from ROBO-ONE 10 - The Day After.

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  1. Hmmm very odd from others somewhat. Any other info on this Garadu? I noticed a small surface area for the feet and more servos

  2. Mark-

    You’re right, Garuda does have a lot more DOF, and uses the same feet as a KHR-2HV. Nakamura really likes to create unusual and surprising robots like his transformer robot design. You can see more photos of Garuda without the body shells in our previous post covering the ROBO-ONE J 7 event:

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