ROBO-ONE 10: Robot Championship Bout – Ivre vs. King Kizer (Video)

After two full days of tough judging during the competition phase and battle after battle in the ROBO-ONE ring, the final bout came down to Ivre vs. King Kizer.

Ivre's design has evolved and improved competition after competition to the point that the robot's two extended arms - they are too thin to be called clubs or bats - managed to knock many of the top competitors off their feet. King Kizer, the bright red robot, was fresh from a surprising victory over Onimaru - the demon robot - at the recent RoboCountry IV competition. As you can see in the video below, the two robots were almost perfectly matched both in power, speed, and techniques. At one point they became so entangled that the referee had to stop the clock completely to separate them.

Just before the end of the regulation 3 minute bout, and with victory almost in his grasp, King Kizer suddenly got knocked down by Ivre. That tied the score with 2 downs each, and threw the bout into "Sudden Death" overtime.

When that happens, both teams are allowed a couple of minutes to change batteries and check for damage. During the extremely short break they often take the opportunity to fan their robots servos or cool them down using spray cans.

Then, in what seems like just an instant, they're back in the ring battling it out. The first robot that gets knocked down looses, while the winner goes on to fame and fortune - at least until the next ROBO-ONE competition in March, 2007. Here's the championship match as it happened late Sunday afternoon:

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3 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE 10: Robot Championship Bout – Ivre vs. King Kizer (Video)

  1. What kind of controller is the winner using? What is on his back, shoulders and arms?

  2. Mike-

    Maru-san built an upper body harness similar to the one used by the Great Majingaa. As the operator moves his upper body and arms the robot mimics the moves in a master/slave fashion. There is also a modified game controller with buttons in the operators hand that allows him to control the legs and trigger quick moves like when King Kizer ducks into a crouched position for defense. There’s more detail on the design, including some photos of the Majingaa harness in older posts here on Robots Dreams.

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