ROBO-ONE 10: Ivre vs. MYRO – David vs. Goliath (Video)

Robot design, especially humanoid robot design, involves making a lot of trade-offs. Servo torque, controller capability, number degrees of freedom, battery capacity, weight, height, and many other factors play a key role in the success or failure of your robot.

At a more basic level, do you go for big and powerful, or small, light, and quick? Both approaches have a lot of merit, and there was no better illustration of that then the ROBO-ONE 10 bout between Ivre and MYRO that took place last Sunday in the run-up to the Championship match.

Yu, Ivre's creator, obviously prefers the small/light/quick approach, and it pays off well for him.

MYRO's creator, in contrast goes for almost pure power. That doesn't mean that MYRO is slow - the robot is certainly surprisingly fast on its feet considering it tips the scales at around 5 kg.

Both operators are experienced ROBO-ONE competitors, and MYRO consistently captures the top positions at robot competitions back home in Korea. Their bout came right down to the wire, and could have gone either way. But, in ROBO-ONE as in life, timing and taking advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself makes the difference between the glory of winning, or the agony of defeat. It is the ultimate 'carpe diem' situation. This particular match was a real heart breaker for the loser, who still managed to come away with the 3rd place honors.

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3 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE 10: Ivre vs. MYRO – David vs. Goliath (Video)

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  2. Thanks for posting this, it’s very neat. I wonder why the MYRO operator was having it walk backwards towards his opponent?

    I’m also surprised we don’t see more low, stable stances from these competitors, like you see in human martial arts. No sane person would shamble around a ring in a fully erect stance; it’s far too unstable.

    But I realize, it’s easy to be a Monday-morning quarterback. Someday I hope to have my own robot in the ring, and then I’m sure I will find that it’s much harder than it sounds!

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