ROBO-ONE 10: 2nd Day Photo Album

Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

We just posted the raw (unprocessed) photos from the second day of the ROBO-ONE 10 competition in Nagai, Japan. The album also includes some shots from the first day's demonstration events.

The image above shows King Kizer, the new ROBO-ONE champion, trying its hand at ROBO-ONE Rumble Ball. The blue strap is to show that the robot was playing for the Blue team during this particular game. Although the rules for Rumble Ball are still evolving as the robots and their operators get more experience playing, it seems clear that the ROBO-ONE committee has decided to replace the old Rumble event with this newer team focused game.

Rumble Ball, by the way, was previously called 'Battle Ball' but apparently there were some concerns raised over potential copyright confusion. We'll be posting more details, stories, photos, and videos during the next few days.


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