Project M: MANOI AT01 Robot Grabs Overseas Media Spotlight

In just the past week, several major articles featuring Kyosho's new MANOI AT01 humanoid robot have appeared in the press outside of Japan.

Last Wednesday, ROBOT magazine - the leading US publication for robot experimenters, hobbyists, and researchers - published an exclusive website article covering the AT01's design and development including the contributions made by key members of the ROBO-ONE community like Dr. GIY and Sugiura-san. According to Tom Atwood, the managing editor of ROBOT magazine, their next issue will feature a five page "behind the scenes" MANOI AT01 article.

Then yesterday the Associated Press distributed a review of the AT01 written by Yuri Kakeyama describing what it's like to build one of the robots as a novice. The AP story was picked up and republished by many well known media channels including Business Week and the Washington Post. It looks like the Japanese humanoid robot craze is about to become a global phenomena.


One thought on “Project M: MANOI AT01 Robot Grabs Overseas Media Spotlight

  1. Is the Washington Post story right? The MANOI AT01 will cost 1,260.00 US? Will it go on sale in the USA? It looks like a cool robot.


    Editor’s comment: The $1,260 figure was the AP reporter’s conversion of the 147,000 yen Japan price into US dollars. Kyosho hasn’t revealed their plans and schedules to sell the AT01 outside of Japan yet.

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