Project M: MANOI AT01 Progress Report #7 (Video)

Since the last progress report we've made tremendous progress in a very short period of time. After our initial testing with the servos temporarily plugged into the control, we carefully unplugged each servo wire then rerouted them through the appropriate channels in the robots frame. As you can see in the photos and video below, what had kind of looked a little like a rats nest was converted in just a few minutes to a very clean and well organized robot.

The next step was to mount the head assembly, and then build the last remaining body frame members.

Two really nice touches included by Kyosho in the robots design were a power switch, and a small extender cable that brings the high speed communication port terminals out to the back of the robots body where it can be easily plugged into your computer. We really appreciated this since we have big, clumsy fingers and have always had trouble plugging and unplugging cables into our older KHR-1 robots controller board.

manoi at01 robot

Where did all the wires go?

They got routed up through channels in the frame making the robot appearance really clean looking and neat.

manoi at01 robot

The front chest cavity has a plug for the battery and a hinged cover that flips up out of the way. There also appears to be enough room available to position the optional gyros almost directly on the robot's center line.

manoi at01 robot

We really like the black to the point that we are seriously considering adding some black covers for the wires, and masking the servo labels. The only downside is that the black sometimes made it a little difficult to see what we were working on. A good, well lighted workspace is critical when you assemble the robot.

manoi at01 robot

To run some quick tests after the robot was completely buttoned up, we created a single position using the controller software.

manoi at01 robot

Each of the appropriate controller channels was set to 'SERVO' mode.

manoi at01 robot

The simplest test method was to sync the robot, then move the individual channel sliders and check to make sure the correct servo was responding the way it should.

So, here are the fruits of our labors today:

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