Coming Up: Robot Sumo, New Technology, & RC/Plastic Models

We want to thank all of our readers for being so patient for the past few weeks while we went over the top posting about ROBO-ONE. It is one of our passions, but we do recognize that too much of a good thing can become a turn-off instead of a turn-on.

With that in mind, we have some very exciting coverage coming up. Next week the annual CEATEC show, probably the top electronics and technology show held in Japan, will take place at the convention center near us. Last year Murata Manufacturing shook everyone up and wowed the crowds with their white robot rode a bicycle. This year they have already announced that they will be back with a new and improved version that we can hardly wait to see. 

That same weekend the Kanto Regional Robot Sumo competition will be staged at the same venue. We have been promised a behind the scenes look at some of the top competitors, which should prove very enlightening.

Then, about a week later, the annual Japan Plastic Model and Radio Control exhibition will also take place here. All the leading Japanese servo and RC manufacturers will be present in force, so we expect to see some really innovative displays of the latest hobby and experimenter products and technology.

And, of course, we may sneak a ROBO-ONE post in now and then, just to keep things interesting.


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