Autumn RoboCountry IV Robot Event – Photo Gallery

  Click here to view the RoboCountry IV photo gallery

RoboCountry IV is the largest ROBO-ONE type robot competition west of Osaka, and consistently draws some of the top robot competitors like King Kizer. But RoboCountry IV isn't just about battling robots. There are also robot music performers like Mechabonham, robot stage plays by the Robot Force sponsored Magic Machine group, and some surprisingly unique robot creations, like Onimaru - a real robotic demon. Onimaru, by the way, has to be seen to be believed. When it's not busy literally throwing competitors out of the ring it spends its free time roller skating. More on that in a later post.

The reason that people put so much time, effort, and love into staging the event every six months, is to entertain and inspire kids. As you can easily see from the faces of the children in the photo gallery, the event organizers and the participants definitely achieved their goal. It's definitely worth making the time and effort to attend and even compete. The event organizers are actively encouraging entries from overseas.

Photo credits: Higashiyama-manager of Sanuki Kodomono Kuni - provided to us to share with you by K. Matsuda the event organizer.


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