Asahi Beer Pouring Robot In Action (Video)

Back in January we noticed ads on our local trains here in Japan featuring an Asahi Beer promotional contest with beer pouring robots. People were invited to submit their name for a drawing, and if they were one of the few lucky entries selected they would never have to get up from their recliner for a trip to the refrigerator, or break a nail trying to pop a top. It seemed like good idea at the time, but unfortunately we didn't happen to be one of the lucky winners. Now that the contest is over, and people have started to post about their new beer pouring robot pals (see video below), we're not so sure that we would really want one.

The video clip, apparently posted by one of the beer pouring robot winners, gives a real feel for how slow, and sloppy, the robot really is.

In all fairness, the real attraction is the fact that it's a 'ROBOT'. After all, it was just designed as a promotional item and was never intended to be really practical or useful.


2 thoughts on “Asahi Beer Pouring Robot In Action (Video)

  1. Hilarious. I love the squeaky little anime voice — Dozo jokki o-tori kudasai ne!

    But it spilled some suds! So much for robots being more intelligent than humans.

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