What A Robot Building Family Does On The Weekend (Video)

You might think that at the end of a long hard week of intense work and study everyone in the family might be really looking forward to the weekend so that they could just kick back and relax without a single thought about technology, performance, or competition

That might be true for some families, but it certainly wasn't the case a couple of weekends ago when we dropped in on the Sugiura Family in Kanagawa. After spending quite a few hours familiarizing us with the new MANOI AT01 robot, and demonstrating all of it's strengths and features, it was time to take a break and rest a bit. At least that's what we thought....

Silly us. Of course, the first thing they did was to power up Dynamizer and RETRO, and then started a ROBO-ONE battle right there on the living room floor!

There are a couple of points in the video clip where we have added slow motion to give you a better look at the action.

For example, around the 30 second mark, watch for RETRO to try and throw a traditional wrestling hold on Dynamizer only to be swept quickly off his feet. We've seen RETRO apply the same technique very effectively in the competition ring at ROBO-ONE events, but apparently Dynamizer isn't about to be caught off guard that easily.

We should also apologize for the orange color light that appears infrequently during the match. It turns out that it was coming from our digital camera auto focus system and we didn't notice it until we sat down to edit this video. Since then we've studied the camera manual and know how to turn it off so that it won't be a problem in situations like this in the future.

By the way, the next public competition scheduled for both Dynamizer and RETRO will be the ROBO-ONE Special event scheduled for August 6th in Kawasaki. We plan on attending and should have some reports from the event posted early next week.

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