Skydiving Robots Hit The Silk In Japan

Bipedal humanoid robots that can walk are great. No question. We really love them. But, like the human beings they are modeled after, their adventures are pretty much limited to the surface of the planet. But, what if they were actually able to expand their horizons, and to experience some of the really adrenaline pumping stuff that gets their human cousins so incredibly excited and bouncing off the walls. Like, maybe jumping out of planes...

Although the skydiving robot technology was apparently originally developed in the U.S., the Yokota Slow Flyer website here in Japan caught our attention with some striking photos that show the internal linkages and servos used to control a skydiving robot.


The post (see links below) expresses a lot of interest in modifying the Hitec Robonova-1 robot, though it isn't exactly clear why they have decided to focus on that particular robot out of the large number of ROBO-ONE type robots mentioned.


In any case, Yokota is only a few hours by train from where we live on the opposite side of the Tokyo metropolitan area. So we're definitely going to keep checking their progress, and will jump (figuratively, not literally) at the chance to go out and watch one of their flight tests. It looks like a lot of fun.

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