Rook's Pawn (and Matt) Featured In Robot Magazine!

Rook's Pawn, the awesome and heavily modified Robonova-1 based robot created by Matt Bauer is the subject of a multiple page feature article in the latest issue of Robot Magazine. Our copy of the magazine won't find its way to Japan for a few weeks, but we're told that the magazine will be on news stands and in bookstores in the US and Canada starting on August 1st.

We've also been told (by a little robotic birdie) that the Rook's Pawn article goes in to extensive detail covering the modifications Matt made to his robot including the custom designed grippers, additional degrees of freedom, head mounted video camera, and "much, much more."

You can also check out one of the great photos from the article by visiting the Robot Magazine website page covering the latest issue. If you look closely, you might even find a mention of Robots Dreams! Image00670

Congratulations Matt!

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