Robot Swag: R-Blue Mk. X. T-shirts Hit The Market

Robot T-shirt - 002
You know a particular sport is really starting to gain traction and breakthrough as far as public popularity is concerned when people start collecting fan items. ROBO-ONE seems to have reached that critical mass point, at least here in Japan. First there were sets of paper cutout robots designed to look like Dynamizer and other ROBO-ONE champions. Then we started to see robot trading cards appear in the glass show cases so popular with Japanese store owners.

Now, we're very happy to report, robot t-shirts featuring R-Blue Mk X, created by Yoshimura, have hit the market, and they look great (see photos below).

We can't really classify the new t-shirts as ROBO-ONE swag since they are much better than the typical event giveaways.

Much better. So much better that after we took the photos for this post, we decided that this t-shirt design is very likely to become a collectors item. So, we folded it back up very carefully and stored it in the original plastic bag.

Of course, we'd love to wear it, but given what we were able to observe over the weekend at the ROBO-ONE J 7 and ROBO-ONE Special contests, we think R-Blue is definitely going to become famous among those who love and avidly follow all the ROBO-ONE competitions.

The R-Blue X fan t-shirts are being promoted and marketed by  Tsukumo Robot Kingdom in Akihabara.

Robot T-shirt - 002

Robot T-shirt - 004

Be sure to check the actual measurements. Don't rely on the size classification (like X-Large) since Japanese sizes tend to be slightly different, or cut differently.

Robot T-shirt - 005

Robot T-shirt - 008

R-Blue Mk X sports some really impressive specifications, and has earned the title of "Super Machine" without any question.

Robot T-shirt - 007

Personally signed by Yoshimura (Yoshi) - or at least he signed the artwork that was used to silkscreen the design on the shirt.

Thanks Yoshi!

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