"ROBOT LIFE" Magazine Introduced

Nestage, an Osaka based game distribution company, started publishing a new robot magazine titled "ROBOT LIFE" this week. We had an opportunity to quickly flip through the first issue at the MANOI press conference earlier this week, and have a copy of the first issue on order. The website for this new publishing venture is titled "ROBO_lep" - it's going to take us a while to puzzle out the meaning of that rather unique naming. We'll let you know as soon as we figure it out. 

The magazine, a glossy and more lightweight in content and coverage than Robocon magazine, has MANOI featured on the cover and includes articles on the KHR-2HV, Robonova-1, Roomba, a robot creator profile of Takahashi-san, and even Gundam. They plan to publish an issue once every two months at a news stand price of 890 yen.


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