ROBO-ONE Robot Battle Ball (Video)

Everyone loves soccer, and everyone loves robots. So, a mash-up involving robots playing soccer has got to be really exciting and popular - at least that's what you would think. However, in the real world most of the robot soccer played today is relatively slow and time consuming to the point that it is only fascinating to a small group of robot geeks that know the technology inside out.

But, what if we bent the rules a little. What if the robots were allowed to be remote controlled instead of totally autonomous, and what if they could not only use their feet but also their arms? And what if they were allowed full body contact without having to worry about getting yellow carded?

Wouldn't that be an absolute blast? Apparently that's what the ROBO-ONE organization in Japan thought when they created ROBO-ONE Robot Battle Ball.

We'll post more about the game background, rules and regulations, and players later on.

For now we just want to cut to the chase so that you can see what it's all about, and understand why we think this particular robo-sport is going to catch on like wildfire.



6 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE Robot Battle Ball (Video)

  1. That was excellent! Nice, fast, and fluid! Much better than our first attempt of soccer at RoboGames.

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  3. Hi, that video is the cooless robot video I’ve seen in a while. Those robots look very nimble and I’m suprised how they can get back up by themselves when they fall! Does anyone know they Model of these robots. I’d like to know if it’s possible to build these specific ones or maybe order a kit? Would be nice if I could find some more info on these…

  4. I liked the natural way some robots balanced on one foot while flexing their knee to kick the ball. The robot that tilted onto it’s hand and kicked with the opposite leg was pretty cool. Little things like sideways motions, leaning over to save goals and a little celebration at the end were nice touches.

  5. Honestly, this is more entertaining than real soccer. Although…I guess that’s not saying much.

    I found myself laughing about the outfits and celebrations as much as I was laughing about the game itself. I thought it was very entertaining.

  6. Loolll that was awesome! My favorite part though, has to be when the robot blocked the kick near the end xD.
    But fighting robots is the best thing that ever happened to other robots.

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