ROBO-ONE J Competition Isn't So "Junior" (Video)

The "J" in the title of the ROBO-ONE J competitions is generally assumed to mean 'junior' and may give the impression that the robots are less functional or capable. It turns out that many of the J-class robots can perform just as well, and often a little better, than the larger, full-blown ROBO-ONE robot designs.

To help illustrate that point, and to give you a quick feel for how high-performance the ROBO-ONE J robots actually can be, we put together a short video clip (see below) featuring a few of the robot designs that caught our attention during the ROBO-ONE J 7 event held earlier this month in Kawasaki.

With over 70 entries, 59 robots actively competing, and a really tight schedule, the ROBO-ONE J 7 event was packed full to the brim with exciting robot designs, and lots of surprises.

The first stage of the competition requires 2 minute demonstration by each entrant in front of an expert panel of judges. It's a chance to really showcase each builders robotic creation, but it is also extremely stressful. There is a big digital clock display that seems to race through the alloted time. And, to make things even more challenging, the robot has to operate totally autonomously during the demonstration.

Once the clock starts the presenter has to deal real-time with any problems or emergencies without skipping a beat. There is no 'time-out' break or restart allowed.

Each demonstration is scored by the panel. It's not unusual to see them asked the presenter some probing questions, or to ask for clarification if anything isn't clear. Only the 32 top scoring robots make the cut and are allowed to come back to fight head to head in the ring.

As usual, a few of our personal favorites didn't quite make the cut. The judges have a very balanced and established methodology for scoring the robot demonstrations, while we tend to just go with our heart or emotion.

Nothing 'Junior' about that!

We'll post more about the competition and the bouts in the ring over the next week or so as time permits. With the ROBO-ONE 10 competition coming up in just a few weeks, we definitely need to get caught up on our backlog of interesting things we want to post about.

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