Project M: Two MANOI Announcements From Kyosho

Kyosho made two MANOI press announcements on Thursday, just one week after the big press event they held in Tokyo to show off the MANOI AT01 robot and brief the press on the proposed Humanoid Athletic Cup. In the first announcement, they reported the results of the online MANOI PF01 color poll they started running back in June, while the second announcement provided more information about the humanoid cup event.

The MANOI PF01 color poll allowed potential customers and fans to vote for their favorite color combination choosing from a selection of six different color schemes. While we don't want to be critical, the choices were very limited and didn't include any really striking or primary colors. No reds, blues, greens, etc.

In the end, based on the poll results, Kyosho has decided to move ahead with the color scheme pictured above, which really doesn't appear to be very different from Takahashi's original design.

The MANOI AT is scheduled to hit store shelves in Japan around mid-November, with initial "monitor" (beta) units shipping to selected customers roughly one month earlier. Kyosho has yet to disclose retail pricing for the robot, but we're going to stick our necks out a bit and guess that it will be over 350,000 yen and less than 500,000 yen.

The second press announcement released covered the regulations for the Kyosho Athlete Humanoid Cup competition. The event, which will be held in December here in Tokyo, will feature 5 meter sprint contests with both RC and autonomous categories, as well as a demonstration competition where each entry has 2 minutes to show off and explain their robots skills and abilities.

Also, although it wasn't mentioned in the official press releases, Kyosho has started to add additional useful information and technical information to the MANOI websites, including an overview of the setup process and motion creation.

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2 thoughts on “Project M: Two MANOI Announcements From Kyosho

  1. That reminds me of a quote:

    “The Customer Can Have Any Color He Wants So Long As It’s Black”. – Henry Ford

  2. Human,

    It would be difficult for Kyosho to offer a range of color schemes for the PF01 since the volumes will be low and the color is embedded in the molded plastic parts.

    The AT01, on the other hand, has polycarbonate shells just like an RC car, so it can be painted or modified as much as the owner would like.

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