Project M: MANOI Robot Demonstrated For The Press (Video)

The recent MANOI AT01 and PF01 robot announcements from Kyosho have created quite a stir in the robot community here in Japan. Photos and articles have appeared in all the Japanese robot press, and there is a lot of active discussion on the forums here. The video below,  captured by Robots Dreams at the Kyosho press conference in Tokyo last week, will definitely give you a feel for why everyone is so excited and can't wait for the robot to hit store shelves.

At the press conference, Kyosho formally introduced the new MANOI AT01 robot, staged a demonstration of the 5 meter humanoid sprint competition, and showed off the latest versions of the more well known MANOI PF01.

The MANOI AT01, which benefits tremendously from active participation by the ROBO-ONE community including Kondo and two of the top ROBO-ONE champion robot builders, was very surprising. It offers true ROBO-ONE level performance without compromise at a very competitive price.

Its predecessors, including robot kits like the Kondo KHR-1 and KHR-2 and the Hitec Robonova-1, were designed as smaller, less powerful ROBO-ONE J (Junior) robots. Although Kyosho isn't emphasizing it, the MANOI AT01 is the first ROBO-ONE robot kit targeted at the top ROBO-ONE competitions. 

As Sugiura-san, the creator of Dynamizer, says, "It's a big shock to robot builders that you can get this much performance for only 147,000 yen. No one believed it was possible."

The AT01 performance isn't just hype from the manufacturer. It has already been tested and proven live against some of the best humanoid robots in Japan at the 1st Wonderful Robot Carnival, the ROBO-ONE Robot Battle Ball event, and a modified MANOI AT01 even competed and did extremely well in the ROBO-ONE Special event last weekend in Kawasaki.

Needless to say, we have a lot more MANOI coverage planned for Robots Dreams in the near future.

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