Playing Hookey With GUNDAM

We were originally scheduled to be at RT in Akihabara this afternoon to take part in a ROBO-ONE practice session. But when we heard that Bandai is closing their Character and GUNDAM museum in Matsudo, we immediately knew where to put our priorities. Participation in the practice match was important, of course, but GUNDAM immediately outranks any other kind of robot activity hands down.

The multi-story museum is absolutely fantastic - if you're a robot and GUNDAM fan like us. We could have spent the whole day there from the time it opened in the morning until they kicked us out at night. There is really that much to see and do.

The Matsudo location is scheduled to close its doors later this week - August 31st to be exact. Bandai is building a new museum in a different part of Japan, but we have heard so many positive things about the current museum that we wanted to check it our for ourselves.

Here are a few of our favorite photos from today's museum visit. We've also included a link at the bottom of this post to our Flickr photoset that includes a lot more GUNDAM and other robot photos.












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