NXT Kids Must Be A Whole Lot Smarter

Kids today must be a whole heck of a lot smarter today then they were when we were growing up. At least that's what The Discovery Channel and Amazon seem to think.

We were searching the Amazon toy section looking for an appropriate gift for our 2 year old grandchild. Much to our surprise, one of the first listings that popped up on our search was the new LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics system. Amazon's recommended age for the 'toy' is shown as 24 months to 5 years!

Of course it's a typographical error (see screenshot below) on the part of whoever the Discovery Channel has outsourced their database entry to. Still, it had us scratching our heads for a moment or two.

LEGO did say that one of their main design goals in re-engineering the Mindstorms product line was to make it so simple that even a beginner would be able to construct the first robot in less than an hour. But even LEGO recommends the set for those "10 years and up", not two year olds. 



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