Hivemind's Robonova Turns Triple Flips (Video)

About a week ago, "Thor" - the Robonova-1 robot modified by "Hivemind" - surprised us all by beautifully executing a full forward flip. Now Hivemind has Thor turning triple flips in a continuous series that's almost without hesitation. From the video below it really appears as if Hivemind has his robot in training for a real Robo-Olympics type gymnastics event.

Keep in mind that Thor is not a stock, off-the-shelf, Robonova-1. Hivemind has invested a lot of time, skill and effort in increasing the robots degrees of freedom from the standard 16 to a total of 21. He's made some pretty extensive body/structure modifications of his own as well as equipping Thor with a set of Matt Bauer's grippers.

At the same time, he has probably had to do considerable amount of reprogramming of the Robonova's stock motion sequences along with creating totally new moves like the amazing flip. He also seems to be very adept at CAD modeling and animation, as you will see in the title and closing sequences of the video.

Great stuff!

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