1st Wonderful Robot Carnival: Die Shoot (Video)

"Die Shoot", another one of Ishikawa-san's inventive robot games, was introduced at the recent 1st Wonderful Robot Carnival held in early July here in Tokyo. The game seems simple enough: two robots face each other and try to kick a large die across their opponent's end of the playing field. Yet it turned out to be chock full of strategy, tactics, fun, and surprises as you can see from the video clip below.

Actually, in translating from the original Japanese characters, we're not sure if the correct English game name should be "Die Shoot" or "Die Shot." Logically the former is the better fit for the game as it was played, though we could be entirely wrong.

In many ways this particular robot game reminds us a lot of robot soccer. The big difference is the use of the cubic die instead of the round soccer ball. The fact that the die tends to slide rather than roll away from the players gives this game a much better play factor, at least in our opinion.

One important thing to note - the playing field being used for the game in the video included a red line with the "Goal" caption. The red line is for a different game (the 2 meter sprint), so please ignore it.

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