[Unofficial] ROBO-ONE 10 Regulations In English


ROBO-ONE originated in Japan, and although competitions based on the Japanese rules have been staged in Korea and the United States, the Japan regulations are definitely the defacto standard. For example, the ROBO-ONE events at RoboGames, held last month in San Francisco, included a mixture of events drawn from the ROBO-ONE and ROBO-ONE Special competitions, but included some modifications to fit the number of entries, experience level, and timing constraints.

We regularly receive questions about the actual regulations used for ROBO-ONE here in Japan, so we were very relieved pleased when Duncan Lowne, who is doing robotic research in pattern analysis and machine learning at the University of Oxford, gave us permission to share his excellent translation of the ROBO-ONE 10 regulations.

Download ROBO-ONE 10 Regulations (English) [pdf file]

Like the Japanese version, Duncan's translation shows the recent regulation changes in red. This document is based on the ROBO-ONE 10 regulations that will be used for the upcoming September, 2006 Japan competition. In fact, Duncan's translation may be put to the test at the event since he is planning to participate as a member of the Rook's Pawn team. Also, at this point it is an 'unofficial' translation, though we would certainly encourage the ROBO-ONE committee to consider adding it to their official documentation to encourage more participation from overseas.

Duncan can be contacted at :


2 thoughts on “[Unofficial] ROBO-ONE 10 Regulations In English

  1. Just a clarification: the group in which I’m a student (Pattern Analysis Research Group) is a subgroup within the Robotics Research Group here, but my regular work is focused on a slightly different area than robotics per se.

    Anyway, see you all at Robo-One 10!

  2. In loving memory of our dearest friend, brother, and business partner – Duncan R. Lowne 1979-2007.

    Duncan was fighting type 4 Glioblastoma, an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer. It was discovered shortly after his return from ROBO-ONE 10.

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