The Battling Robot Spirit Lives On (Video)

The Rock Em Sock Em robots were first introduced 40 years ago in 1966 and seemed to have had a significant impact on the kids, primarily young boys, that played with them for hours on end. Although most of those robotic toys were probably consigned to municipal land fills ages ago, their combative robot spirit lives on in the hearts, and minds of those boys who have grown up to be parents with children of their own. So, what do they do in their free time? Why they fight robots, of course!

We haven't posted many articles about the very US sport of battle and combat robotics, primarily because it doesn't seem to exist here in Japan where we hang out.

That doesn't mean that we aren't interested it in, we are. It's just that other than watching the occasional competition video on the internet, we just haven't had the chance to see any of the ComBot type robot battles up close and personal.

So, to give all types of robotic sports more equitable treatment and 'equal time', we would like to share an interesting 4+ minute video posted on Youtube by AndyWS. The video, titled "The Best of RoboGames 2006" documents quite a few of the battlebot and antweight competitions that were staged last month at the Fort Mason facility in San Francisco.

Pretty amazing, isn't it. It will be very interesting to see what the Japanese readers of Robots Dreams think about the sport, and whether or not they want to introduce similar competitions here.


One thought on “The Battling Robot Spirit Lives On (Video)

  1. The video was interesting, but a little bit disturbing – I don’t especially like the violent type of robot competition. I wonder if this is more of an American tendency, since a lot of robotics research over here is funded by the military.

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