Rook's Pawn Wins A Silver Metal At RoboGames 2006

Rook’s Pawn, our favorite modified (heavily modified) Robonova-1 robot won a silver metal in the ROBO-ONE Wrestling competition at RoboGames 2006 in San Francisco. The robot, a Matt Bauer creation, features torso and leg modifications to add several additional degrees of freedom; custom designed and manufactured grippers that enable it to pick up and hold items, and to pull itself up climbing ropes (remember the Tarzan robot video?); a head-mounted video camera; and some killer karate/kung fu style moves that came in very handy during the competition.

If you look closely you might notice a strange blue glow coming from the chest of Rook’s Pawn. Is he nuclear powered? We aren’t sure, and Matt isn’t telling . . . Rumor has it that Matt has been secretly studying Japanese and may have his sights on winning a metal in the ROBO-ONE homeland before too long.

In addition to piloting Rook’s Pawn, Matt was also a key member of the ComBots Team USA that won the gold in the robot soccer competition and volunteered a considerable amount of time. He’s started posting his RoboGames reports and photos, and promises “more to come.” Check it out!

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