ROBO-ONE Events In RoboGames 2006: Kugai vs. RN-1E (Video)

The RoboGames 2006 ROBO-ONE wrestling competition video below, graciously contributed by Matt Bauer (Rook's Pawn) features a match between Kugai", entered by Tinker's Guild from Santa Rosa, California versus RN-1E entered by Team Nova from San Diego, California.


Kugai, who appears to be a fairly standard Robonova-1, listed fists as a primary weapon, feet as a secondary weapon, and his declared fighting strategy was "Don't fall down."

His opponent, RN-1E, piloted by Tony Ohm of Hitec Robotics USA, was modified to add some additional degrees of freedom. The mods, combined with an ominous black paint job, made RN-1E pretty tall and imposing, but may have also made him a tad bit top heavy.

According to the official RoboGames website, Kugai ended up winning the Gold metal, followed by Rook's Pawn with the Silver, and RN-1E with the Bronze. Needless to say, we're definitely looking forward to seeing how Rook's Pawn did in the ring.

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