ROBO-ONE Events In RoboGames 2006: Felix (Video)

"Felix", a Robonova-1 based humanoid robot piloted by Royce Pipkins, captured the Silver Metal in the ROBO-ONE Demonstration event during the recent RoboGames competitions in San Francisco. Royce in addition to being a dyed-in-the-wool robot fan is also the current president of ChiBots (pronounced "shy-bots") - the Chicago Area Robotics Group. Thanks to Matt Bauer (Rook's Pawn), we're able to share the video below of Felix's crowd pleasing, and award winning performance.

According to a recent post on Royce's weblog, he really enjoyed participating in RoboGames 2006, and would like to try it again next year.

He liked the unique RoboGames metal design with its moving LED display so much that now he's in the process of convincing the ChiBots members to create something similar for their next competition.

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