Robonova Takes Up Roller Skating (Video)

Bored by just doing the usual biped robot stuff like boxing in the ring or making pseudo karate moves, Beermat's Robonova-1 robot has decided to try and follow Plen's lead - it's taken up roller skating.

"Beermat" (his nickname on the Robosavvy robot forums) hand crafted a very professional looking set of roller skates for his robot, and is currently working on a skateboard as well. The robot hasn't quite got the hang of roller skating yet, as you can see from the video below, but he's certainly giving it a good try.

Will he actually be able to do it?

From a purely technical perspective, the odds don't look that good. When we humans roller skate we tend to turn our legs and ankles so that part of the force we apply to move pushes against the side of one of the skates. Since the Robonova can't turn it's legs or ankles at an angle independently, then the physics involved might work against the attempt.

But from the spirit and enthusiasm perspective, we're really rooting for him and hope that he finds some way to either overcome or totally ignore the physics and get rolling. That would be "way cool", as we used to say.

Beermat posted detailed information on constructing the roller skates on the Robosavvy forum (see link below) plus this video progress report:

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