Robonova Robot Does A Surprising Flip (Video)

We've all seen, and been delighted, by the KHR-1 and Robonova-1 robots ability to do forward and backward rolls, and to even turn cartwheels. And, up until now, we just assumed that they were ROBO-ONE J class robots that weren't able to do some of the fantastic jumping and gymnastics moves executed by their bigger, and more expensive, cousins - the full fledged ROBO-ONE robots.

But, 'Hivemind' (his nickname on the Robosavvy robot forum) took the bull by the horns, made some modifications to his Robonova, and has it doing flying forward flips in the air that remind us a lot of Dynamizer as you can see in the video below.

Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end. Like a good Eddie Murphy movie, sometimes the video segments after the final credits turn out to be the best, or the funniest.

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