Project M: MANOI AT01 Allows Easily Customization And Personalization

It didn't take long after Kyosho revealed the new MANOI AT01 shells (or skins) before the two expert advisers on the project, Dr. GIY (Yokozuna Great) and Sugiura-san (Dynamizer) had heavily customized their MANOI robots. In keeping with their own ROBO-ONE robot styles, Dr. GIY's MANOI was customized using a white and red cat theme that fits very well with Yokozuna Great. He even decorated the robots antenna to resemble the cat's tail. In a similar fashion, Sugiura-san's MANOI was customized in classic and easily recognizable "Dynamizer Blue".

A big part of the 'appeal' of MANOI AT01 centers around the fact that it can easily be customized by its owners. The polycarbonate shells that are provided as a part of the robot kit allow for a lot of latitude for you to express your own themes, color schemes, decorations, and designs. Of course, the more aggressive and challenging owners will definitely want to add their own shells and modifications. The AT01 kit design not only facilitates customization, it encourages it.


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