Project M: Introduction (Video)

We want to take a much closer look at MANOI AT01, the new or more correctly "soon about to be released" robot. And, to keep things organized, and to keep our thoughts focused, we decided to create "Project M".

We put together the short introductory video clip below to give you a small taste of why we are so interested in the MANOI AT01.

This video was taken last Sunday and shows two of the early MANOI AT01 robots piloted by two ROBO-ONE champions. In another post, we'll delve pretty deeply into their background and contribution to the AT01 design.

There are two things you need to know before watching the video. First, the robot wearing the jacket runs the 2 meter sprint in slightly over 7.7 seconds. This is within a fraction of a second to the top speeds recorded by some of the fastest ROBO-ONE robots. To put it simply, this robot is 'hot'.

Second, there are 2 completely full  liter PET bottles in the yellow baskets for weight. Many of the other robots at Sunday's event couldn't budge the basket, or quickly tipped over when they made the attempt. MANOI AT01 is definitely powerful.

And, given the right programming and routines, it can be extremely impressive - quite a character - as you can see towards the end of the video.



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