Project M: Dynamizer Jr. "Kappa" Robot (Video)

In order to really understand the new MANOI AT01 robot's performance and potential we need to establish a baseline or reference point to compare it with. Fortunately, the Sugiura Family has what appears to be an endless supply of high performance ROBO-ONE class robots, and they were kind enough to put several of their robots through their paces for us to share with Robots Dreams readers on video.

In the next few Project M reports, we're going to cover Dynamizer Jr. (Kappa), the KHR-2HV, Retro, and Dynamizer, then we'll show you how MANOI AT01 stacks up against them.

Kyosho, in developing the MANOI AT01 robot, wanted to benefit from advice, guidance, and know-how from some of the top ROBO-ONE competitors.

They were lucky enough to sign up two of the best: Dr. GIY, the creator of Yokozuna Great, and Sugiura-san, the creator of Dynamizer. In our previous Project M post showing MANOI AT01 running the 2 meter sprint, pushing the loaded basket, and showing off, Dr. GIY was piloting the MANOI robot with the red antenna, while Sugiura-san piloted the MANOI wearing the yukata/kimono.

At recent ROBO-ONE events the Sugiura Family has been competing using three different robots - Dynamizer, Retro, and Dynamizer Jr. Dynamizer, the latest in a series of high performance ROBO-ONE robots, is the brainchild of Sugiura-san, the father, and is a full custom design from the ground up.

Retro, as its name implies, incorporates a lot of more classic robot feeling and evokes fond memories of the tin robot toys we used to play with as a child. At the same time, it's performance is definitely world class and has enabled it to win top metals in competitions here in Japan and in Korea. The driving force behind Retro are the Sugiura Brothers.

Dynamizer Jr. masquerades as 'Kappa' - a cute but often mischievous imp from Japanese mythology. While the robot is supported by the Sugiura Brothers, but it really belongs to the Sugiura Sisters who have piloted it to success in several competitions including capturing 2nd place during last month's KHR-1 Second Anniversary Celebration event.


Here's what it looks like in action:

From a technical perspective, Dynamizer Jr. is a classic Kondo KHR-1 robot that has been upgraded to include high voltage (HV) servos,  gyros (2), and the motion processor controller. The robot's next scheduled competition will be ROBO-ONE J held in Kawasaki on August 5th. We'll definitely be there, so if you see us please feel free to come up and chat.

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