Pirkus R Type-02 Robot Build Reports Being Posted

Ever since we first saw the Pirkus R Type-02 robot from Robot Labs we've thought it was incredibly cute (imagine a pencil sharpener with arms and legs) and must be a lot of fun to build and experiment with. We actually had one on order a few months ago, but the release date slipped, and being driven by instant gratification, we cancelled the order and spent the money on something else robotic.

But, based on the positive Type-02 build reports currently being posted on Japanese blogs, like the detailed report from SISO-LAB, it looks like we should put the robot back on our 'wish list'. Although it's nowhere near as powerful or flexible as its larger ROBO-ONE class robot cousins, the Type-02 can pull off some surprising gymnastics with its 8 degrees of freedom, including turning somersaults.


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