Our Brief Moment Of Fame

Andy Warhol is quoted as saying that "In the future everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame." Well, we're far from famous, and are still waiting patiently for our 15 minute slot of fame. But in the meantime ,we're content just knowing that at least the bald spot on the back of our head has appeared on one popular Japanese robot website.

The website in question belongs to Robot Force in Osaka, lead by Iwaki-san, a really unique and extremely friendly soul that has a deep passion for manga, anime, and robotics.

In addition to the regular robot competitions he stages like Robo-Fight and Robo-Gong, his company also promotes robot kits, classes, seminars, and has a group of RoboActics (kind of robot puppeteers or roboteers) that regularly put on very professional skits and robot stage plays.

I happened to be surfing the RoboActics MAGIC MACHINE page on the Robot Force website, and as I scrolled down the page I noticed that one of the RoboActics, Nomumu, was featured in a photo in the right hand sidebar putting on a performance with AMATERAS.

My first impression was that the large fellow sitting in the front row was blocking too much of the shot.

Then I suddenly recognized the light hair and bald spot!

It was me!


The photo must have been taken during the May Robo-Fight 3 event in Osaka. Iwaki-san is doing the announcing with the microphone in the background. Nomumu is standing just to the left of the red tori gate. AMATERAS is shaking a wooden box so that just one stick with a number comes out for each child. The numbers are then matched up with printed fortunes. Of course the game is 'rigged' so that every child gets a good fortune.

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