New Robot Joins The ROBO-ONE Community

The official ROBO-ONE database has a brand new entry - #299. The new robot, named MYANOI, is listed as weighing 1.75 kg, is 38 cm. tall, and was entered by Dr. GIY.

The name "MYANOI" is very creative wordplay based on combining 'nyan', which is the sound Japanese cats make (Western cats say 'meow', Japanese cats say 'nyan-nyan'), and 'MANOI'. As regular readers of Robots Dreams are already aware, Dr. GIY is one of the expert advisers working with Kyosho on the new MANOI AT01 robot that is the basis for MYANOI.

So far MYANOI hasn't been entered in any ROBO-ONE competitions. We'll have to wait and see if Dr. GIY officially enters MYANOI for the ROBO-ONE 10 event before the registration window closes in mid-August, or if he holds off until the next ROBO-ONE J event registration period early next year. MYANOI, without the benefit of its beautiful skins, has already competed publicly in the recent 1st Wonderful Robot Carnival here in Tokyo.


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