Minimal Walking Robot Kit Announced

Although all the details aren't clear yet, and it appears from information from the company that their plans haven't been completely nailed down, Silicon House has announced that they will release a new low-end robot kit to the market. The kit, named "Puchi Robo" (petit robot) consists primarily of the electronic components necessary to build a limited functionality bipedal robot, but does not include any frame or structural components.

According to the initial information released by the company, the initial kit, which will have a MSRP of 14,800 yen (USD$135), will include nine servo motors, a controller board, and a RS-232 cable.

Software to control the robot, or whatever users decide to build with the kit, will be download-able from the company website.

Although the promotional video for the robot kit (see link below) shows quite a few scenes where the robot has what appears to be an aluminum frame, that is not included in the basic kit, although the company may offer an aluminum frame set at sometime in the future.

The expectation is that customers will use readily available household items and components to build their robots using the kit. Several examples are shown in the video including one that uses a Starbucks cup for the robot's body, and another that uses a tissue box.

Image01617puchi robot


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