Micromouse Robot Update – July, 2006

It’s been a while, too long in fact, since we’ve posted anything about micromouse robots and competitions. That doesn’t mean that nothing has been going on in the micromouse world - quite the contrary. In the past few months there were international competitions, a week long training session, and some new micromouse community resources that have come on line. Here’s a quick list of recent micromouse robot activity across the globe.

UKMM2006: The UK Micromouse 2006 competition took place at the Technology Innovation Centre in Birmingham on June 10th, and featured maze solver, non-contact wall follower, contact wall follower, and drag race events. In addition to the UK entries, there were quite a international robots, including some of the top designs from Singapore. All of the 2006 results are posted on the TIC Micromouse website, along with an extensive photo gallery and videos.

Micro-Mouse Blogspot: Dave (aka ‘terrible1’) in the UK has started publishing a micromouse weblog titled “MicroMouse” (what else would he call it?) He’s done an excellent job of sharing his comments on some of the UK micromouse events including detailed close-up photos and some videos. We’re looking forward to reading more of his reports in the future.

Micromouse Online: The Micromouse Community kicked off an online forum in January that’s growing rapidly and is becoming a great gathering place to share micromouse robot information, know-how, event announcements, or just hang out with fellow robot fanatics with a passion for all things micromouse. In just a few short months the active forum membership has grown to 37 users from all over the world including the UK, US, Norway, Lebanon, India, Iran, and Japan (of course). As of July 1st there were 242 articles posted. Forum registration is totally free, and of course you can always browse or lurk without having to register.


MouseTRIx: India’s first Micromouse workshop took place at the IIT campus in Mumbai. Mohit Bhoite, who publishes the Mobots weblog, was lucky enough to participate in the week long event and is in the process of posting a series of reports with photos. By the way, Mohit is a devoted robot fanatic and has a real talent for clearly documenting and sharing his project information, like his Micromouse 2006 design that we reported about a few months ago.

If you know of other micromouse activities, or other robot happenings for that matter, you would like to share with our readers, please let us know. We’d be happy to spread the word.


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