Kyosho Releases First Photos Of MANOI AT01

The MANOI Athlete Humanoid Series of advanced robots from Kyosho consists of the original MANOI design - now designated the MANOI PF01 and a more recent addition, named the MANOI AT01. While we really like the MANOI PF01 classic manga/anime character type image, we believe that its newer 'brother' robot, the MANOI AT01, is going to be tremendously exciting and popular as soon as it's released to the market.

Until late last night, Kyosho has been fairly low key about MANOI AT01's external styling, and only showed an 'artist conception' type image of the robot. At public showings of MANOI they would exhibit a completed PF01 side by side with the AT01 body sans any covers or body shells. Now they have released a photo gallery disclosing what the AT01 will actually look like - and it's great!

The PF01 name comes from "PerFormance", while the AT01 name gets its meaning from "AThlete".

Of course the "01" numbers imply that we can expect to see 02, 03, ... versions in the future, especially if the robot turns out to be as successful as we think it will be.

  Left: MANOI PF01
  Right: MANOI AT01

  If it reminds you of some of the ROBO-ONE robots,
  there's a reason. Several of the top ROBO-ONE
  competitors are advisors to Kyosho for MANOI AT01. 

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