Happy Robotic 4th Of July!

Image01598My grandfather, on my mother's side, was a big joker and loved to tease almost anyone, anytime he thought it could get away with it. His store of riddles, puzzles, and jokes seemed inexhaustable and I don't recall him ever repeating the same one twice. At one particular Independence Day holiday family gathering, a long long time ago, he asked his grandchildren, "Do they have the 4th of July in Canada?"

Being the oldest child in the group, and wanting to show off how bright I thought I was to gain his approval, I immediately shouted out, "No! Of course not. That's an American holiday, not Canadian."

I fell headfirst into the trap he had set for me. With a smile on his face, and a little chuckle, he asked me, "Well, if they have a 3rd and 5th of July, why don't they have a 4th of July too?"

Well, it's the 4th of July already here in Japan where we hang out. I'm sure that at the American Embassy in central Tokyo they are probably enjoying a US style BBQ and celebrating Independence Day. We are too, at least in spirit. And, when the Japanese Foundation Day holiday rolls around we'll celebrate that one too!


From Gulliver and all the gang here at ROBOTS DREAMS, have a great Independence Day holiday!


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