Building One Of The ROBO-ONES: KHR-1 Servo Upgrade

Now that we have a set of four 2350 servos and brackets, modified by KAZZ who's a regular ROBO-ONE competitor and took the top prize at Robo-Fight 3 in the ORC competition, it's time to get to work beefing up Gulliver's legs. At this point we're not sure how major, or how trivial, it will turn out to be. We suspect, however, that all the existing motion sequences and scenarios will have to be re-tuned, and we might have to pop for more 2350 servos to strengthen Gulliver's lower legs and ankles.

Timing is going to be a critical issue, at least in the short term. The ROBO-ONE J entry window closes by this weekend. So, we have to make a final decision to go ahead and enter, or to play it safe until we finish our robot's mods, even if that means having to wait a few months for the next competition to roll around.

Here's a look at the way that KAZZ modified the servo assemblies he built for us:

  Small circular disks were fabricated to act as
  spacers accounting for dimensional differences
  between the original servos and the new 2350's.

 There are two sets consisting of the modified
 servos and brackets for the KHR-1 upper leg.

 A narrow spacer or shim was placed between
 the two servo bodies.

 We were surprised to find that the servo control
 wires feed out through the center of the free horn,
 and that it is basically free. The assumption is that
 the mating bracket will be strong enough to keep
 the free horn in place.

 Another view of the spacers. The spacers appear
 to be made from plastic.

Depending on our schedule demands, we're going to start swapping out the servos this weekend. That means that we might not have Gulliver up and running with his new, much more powerful, servos in time for the Sunday practice session. In any case, our priority and focus has to be on getting him into shape to compete in August.

Besides, some of the folks at the office have been pleading with us to bring Gulliver in so that they can see first hand what it's all about.


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